HTC X- Guide Manual

One of HTC which x 4.7 in shiny Super IPS LCD2 display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 HD has an excellent viewing angles, great Sun calls, good color reproduction. It also has a very high pixel density 312ppi. Everything looks geat on it.Get a user's manual Manual x 1. HTC This user guide contains information and instructions about how to enable a full reference to the HTC's mobile phone, such as setting up X properly, using a camera, smart phone installed microSD card using the battery, touch screen, etc.

X HTC Google's weekly running 4.0 software ice cream sandwich. With this latest software, X-one high-performance offers. The phone is also sense 4.0 UI interface latest version from HTC. The X 1 comes with so many applications pre-loaded.One of the best features of the sense of one X ", that is what HTC ImageSense" refers to the improvements made to the camera. Option to attach a picture on the second autofocus seconds 0.7 0.2 is the fastest cameras of today. Download now HTC x manual user guide for a full reference.

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